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Plot Synopsis

Ax wishes to return to the Andalite homeworld, and to do so he needs a way to communicate with them. Jake and Marco take him to the mall to buy electric equipment so he can build a communicator, but in his human morph Ax goes crazy after he discovers taste, and demorphs in the middle of the mall, chased by security guards (some of whom are Controllers). He runs into a grocery store and Marco, Jake and Ax morph lobsters to escape without being seen (and narrowly avoid being cooked alive by the woman who bought them).

Ax builds his device, but needs one more thing to make it complete: a Zero-space transponder. The only place they know of one is in the communicator in Chapman's basement, as Rachel saw in The Visitor. Cassie suggests they morph to ants to retrieve it, but they are greatly disturbed by the ants' hive mind and almost lose their humanity when the ants' instincts overpower them. Nonetheless, they escape with the transponder, though they are almost killed when ants from a rival colony attack them. Marco is disturbed by the experience and swears never to morph an ant again.

The anniversary of Marco's mother's death is approaching, and Marco has recently been worried about what will happen to his father if he dies himself. He tells Jake that he intends to quit the Animorphs once they help Ax escape Earth.

Ax completes his device, which he intends to use to simulate a Yeerk distress signal, so the mother ship will dispatch a Bug Fighter to investigate, which he can then hijack. Unfortunately the Yeerks have changed their distress frequencies, and sensing a trap, they set one of their own. The Animorphs are captured (in animal morph, concealing their identities) and taken aboard the Yeerk mother ship, which Visser One is apparently visiting.

Marco receives a nasty shock when Visser One confronts them: her host body is his mother, who is apparently alive after all. The Animorphs are put in a cell, and discuss what to do when they are suddenly freed by Visser One's Hork-Bajir, as part of a political ploy to disgrace Visser Three. The Animorphs reach an escape pod and make it back to Earth. Marco now wishes to rescue his mother, and tells Jake he'll be staying in the war. He also asks Jake not to tell any of the others (Jake is the only Animorph who had met her).

The book finishes at Marco's mother's graveyard, which he and his father are visiting. His dad tells Marco that he is ashamed of the way he has been acting since his mother died, and intends to pull himself out of depression and return to work. More...


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Story Ark Contributions

  • It is revealed that Marco's mother is Visser One.
  • This book first reveals the mutual dislike between Visser One and Visser Three.
  • This book also features the first intelligent Hork-Bajir.

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  • Orson Watch: On some of the stepbacks — the pages behind the front cover that show a scene from the book — cover artist David B. Mattingly would hide little images of his beloved, deceased cat Orson, as well as some other surprises. If you look on the brick wall on the stepback of this book, you can see ”ORSON” spray-painted across it in white, and the initials ”DBM” to the left in black, right above the number ”96” — the year the cover was made. Below Orson but above the trashcan is the name of another of David’s cats, "MOUSE." There are a few more hidden images (of David’s other cover work) and even part of the name of another of David‘s cats, but you'll have to find those for yourself!

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  • This is the second book to feature a cover morph that was not acquired in the book. Marco acquired his gorilla morph in the first book, The Invasion. However, the French and UK versions of the book show Marco morphing into a lobster, which is acquired in this book. The gorilla morph is used at the beginning and at the end of the story.
  • The front cover quote is, "What you see isn't always what you get...."

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Morphs acquired

Morphs used


Lobster, Black Garden Ant

Lobster, Black Garden Ant, Siberian Tiger Peregrine Falcon


Black Garden Ant

Black Garden Ant, African Elephant, Bald Eagle


Cannot acquire new DNA

Cannot morph


Black Garden Ant

Black Garden Ant, Wolf, Osprey


Lobster, Black Garden Ant

Lobster, Black Garden Ant, Gorilla, Osprey


Lobster, Black Garden Ant, Northern Harrier

Lobster, Black Garden Ant, Northern Harrier, Human

Visser Three