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Plot Synopsis

Cassie and Tobias start having strange dreams about a presence in the ocean, and Jake sees a news item on TV about debris that washed up on the beach. The Animorphs decide to go check it out, and acquire bottlenose dolphin morphs to do so.

 While investigating the seabed, they save a whale from sharks, and Marco is nearly killed. The whale "speaks" to Cassie through song, telling her about a strange place of grass and trees under the ocean.

 This place seems deep out in the ocean, so the Animorphs (with the exception of Tobias) morph to seagull and stow away on a container ship to get out there. They morph to dolphin again and discover the Dome to an Andalite Dome Ship under the ocean. Entering it, they are captured by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, who reveals himself as Elfangor's brother.

 The Yeerks show up and drop depth charges at the sunken Dome Ship, so the Animorphs and Ax leave (Ax morphs a tiger shark). They are pursued by Visser Three in Mardrut morph, but he is chased off by a pod of whales. The whales give the Animorphs a lift back to shore.

 Ax is recruited into the Animorphs, and lives in the woods near Cassie's farm. More...


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  • Originally, Ax was supposed To be introduced in the second book. But once it become clearer that this was going to be a long-running series, K.A. decided to delay his entrance into the world of Animorphs.
  • One of K.A.'s favorite reads is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, a book that not only influenced her writing (namely, her teen series Everworld) but also lent some words and images to Animorphs: "yrch," the elvish word for orc, became Yeerk, the flaming red Eye of Suaron become the mysterious Big Red Eye in #6 The Capture, and the name of a town became Ax’s middle name!

From the Anibase

  • The pod of dolphins the Animorphs acquire at The Gardens were named after the characters in the American sitcom Friends.
  • The front cover quote is, "Sometimes you have to change a little more than your mind..."
  • In The Message it is shown that Taxxons are capable of swimming.

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Morphs acquired

Morphs used


Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull

Trout, Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull


Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull

Trout, Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull


Cannot acquire new DNA

Cannot morph


Squirrel ('Magilla'), Bottlenose Dolphin ("Monica"), Seagull

Squirrel ('Magilla'), Trout, Bottlenose Dolphin ("Monica"), Seagull


Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull

Trout, Bottlenose Dolphin, Seagull


Human (combination of human Animorphs' DNA)

Tiger Shark, Human (mixture of the four human Animorphs' DNA)

Visser Three