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Plot Summary

          After acquiring bird morphs and spending the day having fun flying, the Animorphs decide that they need to make their next move against the Yeerks. Furthermore, Rachel's friend Melissa Chapman, the daughter of Mr. Chapman, has become distant lately, and Rachel fears she has become a Controller like her father. The Animorphs plan to infiltrate Chapman's house to find out what they can, and Rachel morphs Melissa's pet cat to gain access. While there, she discovers that Mr. Chapman communicates with Visser Three every night, and also learns that Melissa is not a Controller, but has pulled away from her friends because she believes her parents don't love her anymore.

          The Animorphs decide to infiltrate Chapman's house again a few nights later, this time with Jake morphed as a flea on Rachel's back. However this time Rachel is identified as, incorrectly, an Andalite bandit, and Visser Three orders Chapman to bring both Rachel and Melissa to him so they can be infested. Chapman takes Rachel and Jake, still morphed as a cat and a flea respectively, to the abandoned construction site, and Chapman's Yeerk allows Chapman himself to speak to Visser Three, telling him that he willingly became a Controller on the condition that the Yeerks do not take Melissa. Visser Three dismisses Chapman and takes Rachel and Jake, but Cassie, Marco, and Tobias attack, distracting the Yeerks long enough for Rachel and Jake to escape. The next day, Rachel writes Melissa an anonymous letter, telling her that her parents love her more than ever, despite not being able to show it. more...

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  • Though Katherine Applegate doesn't have any cats named Fluffer McKitty, she does have two cats with unusual names; Rabbit, who she calls a "sweet kitty," and Dick the Evil Foot-biting Cat, who is, well, an evil Foot-biting cat. She also has a golden retriever, named Maisy after the mouse created by children’s book author/illustrator Lucy Cousins.

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  • The front cover quote is "No one knows who they are.".
  • The inside front cover quote is, "Nine lives are better than one....".

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Morphs acquired

Morphs used


Peregrine Falcon, Flea

Peregrine Falcon, Flea, Siberian Tiger


Bald Eagle, Shrew, Cat ("Fluffer McKitty")

Bald Eagle, Shrew, Cat ("Fluffer McKitty")


Cannot acquire new DNA

Cannot morph


Osprey, Flea

Osprey, Flea


Osprey, Flea

Osprey, Flea

Visser Three


Vanarx, 'Rock Creature'